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Ahref Quick Tutorial:

Are you a digital marketer? Are you the owner of a website? If yes!! then ahref is a great tool which can help you to improve the performance of the website. 95% of the digital marketers use it to know the backlink status, organic ranking of keywords, value of their traffic, etc. And there are much more which one can explore while using it.

You can get tons of ideas for a particular keyword across the globe or you can choose a specific country if you want, you can check the ranking history for any of the keyword, you can use content explorer for content research. To get a better overview of ‘ahref’ persue the full article and get a quick and easy guide to it.

Let's Start - Ahref Quick Guide

# How to analysis a URL?

To analyze a URL, click on the site explorer button, copy and paste the URL in the box as shown in the below image.

amazon amazon | Bvlogs

# How to check DA, PA, Back-links, referring domain, organic keyword and the value of traffic?

After mentioning the URL, you can easily check all these things mentioned above. As shown in the image below. This result is for amazon.

Here you can see the Domain Rating (DA), UR is you page rating and accordingly all the information related to any website can be checked easily. For example: To check all the information of Zomato, simply past the URL and grab all the information.  

Moreover, if you are willing to check all backlinks then you just need to click on the column of backlinks and you will get a result like shown in the below image, similarly, you can check the referring domains, DA and PA of those referring domains, what is the anchor text, were they giving do follow or no follow link and the date when they gave you the link. There is add on feature which ahref provides is the ‘export option’, by clicking on that a .xml sheet can be extracted. Refer the below image to understand better. 

Amazon Backlink | Ahref | BVlogs
export.xml | bvlogs

If you are willing to check the organic keyword ranking for your website, increase and decrease in the number of keywords for your website simply click on the column of organic keywords, and you will get the result as shown in the image below. You can export this into an xml file too. This result is for Zomato.

Zomato Organic keyword | Bvlogs

# How to use content explorer?

Content Explorer is a feature in Ahref in which you can search any word or phrase and you will get relevant pages with useful SEO and social media metrics. And by keeping them in the reference you can design an SEO friendly page for your website.
To use content explorer, click on the button content explorer shown in the tab and you will get a result, as shown in the below image.

ahref content explorer | Bvlogs
Content Explorer | Bvlogs

Enter the topic you want to explore, here I Have entered Digital Marketing, now click on the search button and you will get a result shown in the below image.

Here you can get the most popular content for a word or a phrase, can check their domain rating, organic traffic, the total value of traffic and how many likes, followers and subscribers they do have on their social media platforms. With the help of this, you can take an overview of the SEO strategy which they are using to rank their website on the top and making it search engine friendly. As shown in the image below.

Content Explorer Result | Bvlogs

# How to use keyword explorer?

If you are willing to check the pain points of the keyword you are going to target, then click on the keyword explorer button, and you will get a result shown in the below image. With the help of this, you can check all the aspect of the keyword. Moreover, you can choose the search engine for exploring the status of keyword at that platform.

Here for an example, I am searching for ‘best games 2019’. Let’s see what result I will get for this keyword.

keyword explorer | Bvlogs

For the keyword best games in 2019, you can see the result below in the form of images, you can check the keyword difficulty, the search volume that keyword has, how much click that keyword gets (paid & organic both), can check the volume across the globe, get the idea of other related keywords and can check top results of SERP. Below image can show these things clearly.

keyword explorer | BVlogs
keyword idea | Bvlogs
keyword explorer | BVlogs

# How to Use Rank Tracker?

The first thing which you have to do before using the ranking tracker is, you have to add your website as a project by using ‘add new’ button. After that, you can track your visibility on the search engine, your average keyword position, traffic, position up and downs, etc. Check out the below images to have a clear view on it.

Rank Tracker | ahref quick tutorial | Bvlogs
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