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How to Increase Traffic on the Website?

If you will ask a business owner that what you like the most in the world, they will reply to you with an answer – more customers. And one of the brilliant ways to earn more customer is to build traffic on your website. Most of the people use SEO as a tool to increase traffic on the website. Yes, SEO is a brilliant way but there are more other ways as well by which one can increase traffic on the website.

Fully relying on SEO means if there is a change in Google algorithm then your business is going to crash down to nothing.

Let’s check out the top 15 ways to increase traffic on website:

1. Update Content Regularly:

Content updating is one of the fines activities to indulge or grow traffic on your website. Regular updating keeps the content fresh and moreover attracts the attention of the audience.

“To increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and boost your search traffic, you can just update your old content and give yourself an improve freshness source.” — According to Neil Patel.

  • Fresh Content will help in frequent indexing. (Click Here to know more about indexing)
  • Improve in website authority.
  • Improve CTR. (Click here to know more about CTR)
  • Freedom to add content as per market demand.

And there are many more things which can be improved or optimized while updating the content on the website.

Update Content | increase website traffic | BVlogs

2. Optimize the Keywords Properly:

Keyword optimization is very important to drive magnified traffic on a website. As keyword is nothing but quires of the users and the better you optimize or able to analyze it the better results you will get.

# To Checkout or to get the ideas of keywords certain tools are there:

Paid Tools

SemRush | increase website traffic | BVlogs
moz | increase traffic on website | Bvlogs

3. Write on EverGreen Content:

Evergreen Content | increase traffic on the website | BVlogs

These evergreen contents are the priority of most of the editors and content writers as they never lose the interest, they are always relevant for someone.
# Some of the Ideas for evergreen contents are:
Love and Romance
Finance/Saving money
Weigh Loos
Job and Career
Pet Care

These types of content always help a website to increase its traffic and moreover, helps in attracting new traffic as well. Evergreen topics provide benefits to the sites for years and they are highly competitive as everyone is writing on it. Due to high competition, your content should be better than others to get ranked on top of the search engine result page.
It depends on the individual strategy, where to utilize the evergreen content to create a strong base for the website traffic and how to rank the trending topics with the help of that.

4. Improve Social Media Activities:

Social Media is an ultimate equalizer and it helps everyone to drive or increase traffic on the website if it is optimized properly. Being active means – regular posting of the relevant post, participating in the groups which are relevant for you, replying to the queries of customers and solving them, etc.

Try to be visible on all big social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumbler, Reddit, Medium, etc. And build a healthy relationship with your subscribers, which is a part of online reputation management.

Tip for You: Back-links created on Medium index faster than any other social bookmarking sites. 

social media | increase website traffic | BVlogs

5. Create Google My Business Listing:

Google My Business Listing | increase traffic on the website | BVlogs

With the help of Google My Business listing a business can increase the traffic by 75%, here your listing is directly linked with your website and the most important thing is it comes under organic traffic. Moreover, it give you an useful insight about how much views did you get in the particular month and how customer finds you and interacts with your listing. It helps you to find new customer for your business, because with the help of this you are educating and making them aware about your business. Over there people can rate your business, give reviews and if the business would able to manage positive reviews form their customer then it turns out to be an asset for it. 

In the same manner, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also provide their listing for businesses which are also very beneficial in the growth of traffic on the website. As if Google holds 90% of the shares, then rest traffic source are Bing and Yahoo.

6. Create and Promote More Video Content:

A study says video content creates much higher engagement than any form of content. Using enough video content on your website not only help in the retention of the traffic but also help in increasing the website traffic.

So, start creating new videos and promote them on all the channels which are beneficial for you.

# Some tools which can help in creating great video content are:


animator | increase traffic on the website | BVlogs

*Render Forest

Renderforest | increase website traffic | Bvlogs


Adobe | increase traffic on website | BVLogs

7. Advertise Your website:

Advertising helps in creating the brand value of any business because here you’ll get the full potential reach to your audience. To increase the traffic on website with paid mediums one can use platforms like social media advertisement, Google paid marketing (PPC). These paid methods will help in attracting the world toward your website, for paid marketing choosing an appropriate channel for promotion is very important because all the segments have different sort of audience and if not targeted properly it will be a waste of money, time and efforts.

For Example:
Facebook and LinkedIn are the two different platforms and the purpose of using the platforms are different. If you will post casual content on LinkedIn the audience will not accept that because it’s a professional platform, and the same goes with Facebook.

8. Use Relevant Hashtags in your Social Posts:

hashtag | increase traffic on website | BVlogs

Ever thought of this, why it is told to use hashtags on social posts? The simple answer is people on different social platforms follow these hashtags to stay updated on the topic related to it, so when you use hashtags for a post there are chances that it’ll be visible to more people. Moreover, hashtags in your social media post helps in developing interest of the audience. Twitter and Instagram are the widely used social media hashtag platforms. Hashtags also helps businesses in being a brand by discovering the trending topics and connecting to those topics which would lead to great visibility to your business.  

The more people watch your website link, the more referral traffic you get and that will help you to increase your website overall traffic. 

To know more about Social Media Marketing – Click Here

9.On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is a most technical aspect while uploading any content on your website, which covers the area like – keyword stuffing, unique content creation, meta title, meta description, content headings, content sub-headings, and other technical aspects are there. We can say that on page SEO is optimizing the elements in your website to make it search engine friendly. Google consider all these aspects while giving rank to your website, that’s why on-page SEO is important. 

On page optimization is very important to rank your website top on the search results, because Google can only read your content and can analysis the performance of your website. And in on page SEO we do take care of these things. Before diving into the world of internet and to drive in great results you should make your website on-page SEO Google ready. 

The negative point is, it does take some time, frankly, it depends upon how fast Google index your website. So, try to keep your website on-page SEO up to Google’s guidelines to increase your website traffic.

Read more about – How does search engine works?

On page | increase your website traffic | BVlogs

10. Regularly check your website traffic:

Regular check-up of website traffic gives you useful insight about the flow of traffic, based on which modification can be done if required.

And there is an old saying as well, “what gets measured, gets managed.”

I would suggest you keep a check on your website traffic status in every three days and make relevant strategies to increase and hold the traffic. This method will allow you to know what is working for you or what isn’t.

Google Analytics | BVlogs

11. Use Better Images and Info-graphics:

Question: Do images and info-graphics creates a solid impact?

Answer: Yes…

Images and info-graphics attract the attention of the people because its human psychology to get attracted towards visuals, and the moment that attraction gets converted into information or knowledge people starts acknowledging them. May it would be possible that they start sharing it, which directly multiplies the traffic of your website. Because when the content is get shared it increases the visibility by 200%.

Images on your website always speaks louder than your content. Due to human psychology images and info-graphics enhance and strengthens the message you want to communicate. The role of info-graphics are much bigger than the regular images as they are more clear in terms of content. That info-graphics which is enriched with knowledge holds the attention of you readers and encourages them to read more of it. Any content marketer in the world will always suggest you to use images and info-graphics in your article or blog for better engagement of audience. 

12. Website Internal Linking:

Internal Linking | increase your website traffic | BVlogs

Internal linking helps your website ranking more than the other ways. Are you confused about internal linking? It is a way to link one page of your website to another page of your website. It is the most famous way to keep the audience engaged by giving them multiple options so that they will not switch to another website. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the overall bounce rate of the website. One must also need to understand that the excessive number of internal links can also affect your website ranking negatively.

Internal linking is a kind of like juice which you are creating on your website. You are creating a web of links so that the user stays on it and moreover, we can say it’s a kind of internal promotion of your website pages and posts. This strategy is proven when it comes to improving the performance of website and to reduce the overall bounce rate

13. Use Powerful and Trusted Quora:

Quora is one of the powerful platforms from where you can drive quality traffic on your website. As it is the most trusted platforms for all user queries.

By dominating user queries with the relevant answers and useful information one can easily grab the audience attention towards them and once the attention is yours then given them the way towards your website is not a difficult task, then they are just one click away from your website link. Grabbing attention is the most important part and that can be easily done if you are providing correct information and giving accurate answers for user’s queries. 

Quora is termed to be a long term traffic source for your website because in most of the case user queries never change. For example A graduate of  2019, now willing to do MBA search for – ‘Best MBA College’. The query will remain the same whether it is 2022 or 2024. That’s why Quora is said to be a long term traffic source. So, start using it as it is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic on your website, the traffic is of great quality because you are not forcefully telling them to visit your website rather you are influencing them to visit your site.

Quora | Increase website traffic | BVlogs

14. Off-Page SEO:

Off-page | Increase website traffic | BVlogs

Off-page SEO covers the external efforts to improve the ranking of your website. In off-page, SEO back-links play a very important role to increase the traffic of the website and to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

# Here are the activities which can be performed to increase your website’s back-links:

Social Bookmarking (Click Here for top social bookmarking sites)
Business Listing
Forum Submission
Blog Directory Submission
Article Submission
Question and Answer websites
Press Release
Video Submission
Image Submission
Info-graphics Submission
Document Submission
Web 2.0 Submission
Google My Business Listing

15. Re-targeting:

The term re-marketing and re-targeting are same. Re-targeting is used for those audiences who have previously visited or shown interest in your site once. As it is a proven fact that none of your potential customers is going to be converted at the first visit on your website, you have re-target and re-market them again and again for the better understanding of your product. Study says 98% of the potential customer gets converted if you re-target them wisely. Moreover, re-targeting is also used to increase the visibility of the website and to showcase the new products launched on the website.   

Re-targeting | increase traffic on the website | BVlogs

16. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing | Increase traffic on the website | BVlogs

Email marketing is one of the fines ways to stay connected with your audience by sending them regular information in the form of a newsletter, sending them updates on new products and amazing offers, with this way through one can easily multiply the traffic on its website.

Few things which needs to be taken care off is one should not start bombarding or spamming the mails. Otherwise, your reader will get irritated and unsubscribe your list. Your subject line should be attractive so that the reader tempts to open it. Email marketing is more of influencing people with the help of quality content to visit on your website. 

# Tools which can be used for email marketing are:

Mail Chimp
Reach Mail
Target Hero
Send Grid
Mad Mimi
Cake Mail

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