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Social Media Marketing nowadays is the most powerful way for business to reach out to its audience. Your customer is already present on social platforms and if you are not reaching out them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest then you are missing out a major part for your business. Social Media Marketing, if a business is doing it properly then it can bring remarkable success. And saying it won’t be wrong that social media helps businesses in being a brand much faster than any other medium.

Why it’s important to do social media marketing:

Importance Of SMM | BVlogs

a. Increase Website Traffic:

Social media is the ultimate platform to increase your website traffic. As it is more concern with creativity, which has the ability to hold the audience. You can show visuals and use info graphics to increase engagement. In a study, it was found that social media post with visuals has 600% more engagement than other normal posts. If you created content which is much likely to share by the audience, then the chances of generating more traffic increase significantly.

b. Building Conversions:

Social media is an ultimate equalizer it gives equal opportunity to all business to grow. Building conversions will become easy if you are taking care of these few points:

  • Create unique content.
  • Target your audience well.
  • Keep a track on targeted traffic.
  • Create a healthy relationship with your targeted audience and your followers.

c. Raising Brand Awareness:

Raising brand awareness is not an easy task, it takes years to increase your brand awareness. But social media can unload some burden from your shoulders, by giving you a platform where your business can grow rapidly. As it is the finest and biggest platform. With the help of social sharing, unique content creation, increasing engagement and maintaining online reputation.

d. Creating a Brand Identity and Positive Brand Association:

Everyone is on social media, probably every 9 out of 10. In that case, your business and its activities are very much addressed by everyone. So, it becomes important to create a positive brand association and brand identity, as it will help you to gain more followers on the platform.

e. Improving communication and interaction with key audience:

Your audience is the king, each and every activity done by a should revolve around its targeted audience. The more business will take the targeted audience into consideration, the more you will able to improve communication and interaction with the key audience.

Making Social Media Marketing strategies is not an easy task, let’s check out how we can make a sound social media marketing strategy:

Check out the platforms where you can find your targeted audience. In the vast social media platform, you cannot swim without a plan, remember online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Addressing your challenges is not a one-time task, it’s a continuous process. So, perform it wisely.

Challenges need to be addressed:

a. How to increase brand awareness:

Increasing brand awareness doesn’t mean sales or pushing your customers to buy something. It just simply means delivering high-quality content without mixing promotional content. Constant work on optimizing your social media page will increase the brand awareness.

b. Drive in personal sales:

Many businesses are willing to do some sales from their social media platform by using social media marketing. And that the biggest challenge, after making your business a brand, now the focus is on how to convert potential customers into customers. For that continuous optimization and monitoring the audience activity on a daily basis is a must.

In simple trick to drive a sale from social media is continuously monitor the audience activity and deliver what they want.

c. Improve ROI:

Social media marketing strategies are not simple but if the things are going in the right direction then SMM also helps in improving your ROI. The more optimized your page is, the more ROI you’ll receive.

Properly optimized social media channels will help in cutting the cost of labor, ads, and creatives. In the end, you came out squeezing your end marketing expenditure.

d. Earn Subscribers:

Nowadays there are many such activities can be performed by which one can increase their subscriber base. But that would be of no use because in that case you are only increasing numbers, aren’t creating brand value which is of more importance. Moreover, none of the paid subscribers would be interested in consuming your services.

If your subscribers are reacting positively then you can say that we earn them. Because the positive subscribers are going to act as cheerleaders for your business.

Metric Monitoring | Social Media Marketing | BVlogs

No matter how good you are optimizing your page, no matter how well social media marketing strategies you are making for your business. To make it worth, your SMM strategies should be data-driven. 

Monitoring the data is essential to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with followers.

Check out some data need to be monitored in SMM:

a. Reach:

Reach of your post means the number of unique users who saw the post. The more post will able to reach, there would be higher chances of engagement. For that purpose, regular monitoring is very important, and then according to that one can strategies about increasing the reach.

b. Click:

Getting a click is a critical aspect of social media marketing. And for that continuous monitoring is important, because it will give you an insight, what makes the audience curious and forces to engage with that post.

c. Engagement:

To find engagement, one must follow this formula – a total number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions.

d. Hashtag Performance:

Hashtags help in giving more visibility to your brand. As most of the people follow certain hashtags as per their interest, to get updates. A business should ascertain, the most used hashtags, hashtags which are most associated with your brand and which hashtag is creating the most engagement.  

Every business knows that against whom it is competing in the market. So, before starting, one must check out what their competitors are doing to engage their audience. In social media marketing analyzing competitor’s strategy is one of the most important things. Every business should try to figure out the answers to below-mentioned questions before starting.

Q1. How they are creating content?
Q2. What is the quality of their content?
Q3. Are they using paid ads?
Q4. How many likes, followers and subscribers they have?

Analyzing your competitor will give you a fair idea about whey your strategies are going to be. One can take or copy some ideas from their competitors and can show their own creativity in the area where their competitors are lacking. Remember your content is your voice and that should be of excellent quality and to be better than competitors.

Maintaining Originality | Social Media Marketing | Bvlogs

Social Media Marketing is something which requires your full dedication. It is difficult to handle yet interesting, with the growth of the business, challenge of handling a social media platform also increasing, the only thing which will help your business in facing those challenges will be the originality of the content.

Social media marketing allows you to copy the competitor’s strategy and follow what they are doing. But to remain original with your creativity matters a lot, as SMM is consuming yet creating.

Engagement Timing | Social Media Marketing BVlogs

If you are not able to engage well with your audience, then SMM is a waste. After doing well research, it has been proved that time is an important factor while delivering content. Apart from the post timings people that your business should reply to their queries within 4hr. Whereas, most of the time businesses fails in doing so.

And for post timing one can research about and observe at what time the brand is getting more engagements. Because that would be the ideal time to showcase the content.

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